Do you really think I have ANY idea?
I believe this is meant for random thoughts that go through my head. Believe me, i have an infinite amount of those.

4th October 2009

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I love my dreams…

Last night I had a dream that I was in walmart and I found a way to ride the shopping cart all the way through the store without stopping or having to get off it. It invloved turning the cart at the right moment, but either way that was fun.

Then, I went home and apparently there were tiny elves throughout the world, hiding decretly through magic. They only sent me messages when I wasn’t looking, but then left them everywhere. I can’t remember the main four’s names. Anyways, supposedly I had saved them all from something a year ago, so I was able to go into their world. They had fantastically delicious food, and I was hungry. Right before I woke up, I had this plate of the best pancakes in the world and someone stole them as I turned to look the other way. Bitch.

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