Do you really think I have ANY idea?
I believe this is meant for random thoughts that go through my head. Believe me, i have an infinite amount of those.

5th October 2009


Something I’ve learned over the years…

Overprotectiveness doesn’t work. It doesn’t even really do just what you expect. Yes, for most of your life you will be sheltered from everything and once you do come into contact with real life, you can be shocked and appalled and not know what to do. But, if this happens soon enough, a different approach is taken. The child not only does all the things they’re being “protected” from, but they learn how to hide things better than most people would. That’s all that my overprotective, religious parents got me. An incessant need to hide everything I do for fear of a consequence that may or may not occur. And believe me, I can never trust my parents like they want me to and tell me I can.